Friday, August 17, 2007

what is the matrix?

The current corporate free-market paradigm is usurping the common good. The common good is an idea predicated on economic and/or political non-influence. The free-market enables the evil of greed to persist unchecked (either intentionally or unintentionally). Governments are in place to first serve and protect it's citizens. How can an altruistic ideal government come into existence when it consistently operates at the behest of corporations (i.e. economic/political interests)? (public) Corporations are cannibalistic in that they are made up of the public (via interest and/or employment of) while simultaneously saprophytically digesting it. It is a parasitic symbiotic relationship rather than a mutualistic one, in that the usable byproduct of the corporate entity is not equal in value to its consumption. This free-market cycle of ossification and regeneration will persist until the public completely disengages, demanding a more equitable enterprise. This antipathy could be a backlash to the current oppressive economic phlebotomy, or preferably, the result of rational choice; realizing the insanity of such a barren matrix.

A corporation is the personification of an egoistic entity without the compunction of a human. Therefore it will consume unconsciously, devoid of inherent malice or empathy.

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