Friday, August 17, 2007

Pimp Mentality

What's going' on. There seems to be a big disconnect in the man-woman thing these days. They don't understand us and we will never understand them. What is the cause for all this confusion? Well in the following paragraphs I will attempt to diagnose the problem and offer some prescriptions.

Let's start a couple of generations back. There were, in those times, very established gender roles. For good or bad people knew where they stood and knew what was expected of them. Then there were the 60’s. Free love, women's lib, and the turning on its head of traditional belief structures. This was partly due to an unveiling of long standing male-dominated structures. Women wanted equality, minorities wanted it too. As these transformations are taking place for what seemed at the time to be for good, caused an upheaval in cultural norms that are still reverberating till this day.

As the decade came to an end and the fervor of liberty was replaced by narcotic-induced apathy. As a result (intentiality can be argued) we started down the path of reassertion of power by men. This was systematically implemented in an accidental and opportunistic way. Because of the previously mentioned upheaval, many women were disillusioned and lacked the generational support to deal with their new found liberty. They were self-conscious, and generally lacked the confidence to seize the moment. Opportunistically rouge men preyed on these women. Now in the 70's we start to see an exploitive paradigm shaping.

For generations past a pimp was looked at as a loser, a leach ect. But because of the new exploitive culture and the fact that most men at this point were feeling a little disenfranchised because of the new women's movement, it is plausible to conceive how men could applaud such activities. Why, because it showed masculine power. Think about it. If you're a man who is having trouble dealing with your woman and all her new (potential, not yet fully realized) empowerment, at the same time remembering your father's domination, you tend to appreciate a man who can "control" a woman's mind in this most extreme way.

So now you have pimps as heroes. (We all know how groupie-ish women are; if it doesn't apply don't get mad). Women love men with power no matter from where it is derived. Men are looking up to pimps; women want to be next to them (which in turn makes men look up to them even more). With the perceived de-masculinity of males, blurred gender roles and an exploitive paradigm in place, you have the seeds sown for a cultural collapse.

Men imitate the best (or what we conceive is the best) and memorize the rest. So a new generation of men imitating the pimps we know (or the ones we see on TV and in movies). Add this to the fact of less and less fathers in the home, showing their young sons how to be real men; the results are evident.

Let's now begin the scientific analysis of the "Pimp Mentality". A pimp (from my studies at the Street University and Hustlin' Graduate School) is some one who uses slick talk to sell (in this case a woman) a dream. What is so insidious about it is that we all know women love to dream. To do this your "game" has to maintain a suspension of disbelief. You have to deceive the victim by being perceived as being a “Trusted Adviser” or “Manager” all the while usurping more influence over time. The other main idea is to appear to have the well being of your victim in mind. I would go further in detail but I don't want this article to turn into Pimping 101.

The pimping started as an attempt to re-empower the male, recapturing control of the woman (and of course, financial gain). But the "Pimp Mentality" has many ancillary negative social implications; Men looking to find gain off of the backs of women (pun intended), men not pursuing their own personal development, women being turned onto whorish behaviors, simultaneously being sold a dream that will never become reality. Who (besides Richard Gere) is going to marry a whore.

Male Generation X’ers who for the most part grew up in a fatherless home, are looking up to pimps, drug dealers and other dreads of society. They also have an under-developed sense of self, combined with the schizophrenic battle between traditional male roles and this new pimp mentality. This ideology is now coming up against a new type of woman. This new woman is second-generation liberated with support to help her esteem (see Oprah), which renders the Gen-X male figuratively (and literally) impotent. He has spent his formative years hanging out, drinking cheap beer, smoking weed and banging easy young women. To maintain the fundamental man-woman symbiosis, he will have to employ the pimp mentality (as the only social arrow in a depleted intellectual quiver). There are other derivatives in play here: Asexuality; as a result of the inability of this Gen X male to fully understand his role in this dialectic.

This is the self-inflicted and perpetuated cross we must bear. How do we resolve this great divide? The man-woman chasm must be forded. To do that we as men have to repent of this "pimp mentality". We must take the time to evaluate ourselves, realizing that we are intellectually under-developed, socially inept, and spiritually bankrupt. Unless we break the cycle of fatherlessness, by teaching our young men to develop themselves, pursue goals and wait for maturity before engaging in sexual activity, we as a people will be victims of social Darwinism.

- the thelosopher

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